Frequently Asked Questions

What is Referend-um?

Currently available for iPhone users, Referend-um is an interactive voting app for the 2014 referendum in Scotland. You can download the app straight to your mobile device. You can discreetly and privately cast your vote using the unique ‘yes/no’ slider. Once you’ve privately cast your vote you can view all the results and live, real-time data and analytics. After you’ve viewed the results you can share them with your friends and colleagues via Facebook and Twitter. We’re working hard to make the app available asap for Android and alternative mobile platforms.

Who is behind the project?

The whole project is being designed, developed and powered by Waracle Ltd. Based in sunny Dundee, Waracle are Scotland’s leading full service, app development company. Waracle has successfully developed apps for blue-chip Scottish brands such as The Scottish Album of the Year Award, the NHS Scotland and The Scottish Football Association. As Scotland’s top app developers, it seemed silly for Waracle not to get involved in the referendum and play their own unique part.

Is the App biased to one side?

Absolutely not. The app is designed to be purely unbiased and totally impartial. Waracle are app developers not politicians (thank goodness). The app is designed to create a neutral platform for people who are interested in the referendum to privately vote, view and share live, real-time results.

How do I get the App?

The app is currently available for iPhone. If you’re using an iPhone you can simply go to the Apple App Store and search for ‘Referend-um’. Once you’ve discovered it from within the app store you can download it directly to your phone.

Do I have to pay for the App?

No the app is completely 100% free for everyone to use.

How do I use the App?

Once you’ve downloaded the Referend-um app from the App Store, simply open it via your smartphone. Once you’ve opened the app you’ll be given instructions on what to do. You’ll be asked to consider your vote and position the marker on the ‘yes/no’ spectrum. Once you’ve recorded your vote, you’ll have the option to answer some optional questions.

Do I have to vote in order to see the results?

Yes. In order to see the live, real-time results and analysis you must vote within the app. Once you’ve privately cast your vote, you’ll be able to view and revisit the results in real-time whenever you like. This means you can keep up-to-speed with the latest Referend-um results on the move, whenever you like via your mobile.

Is this an official vote?

This is not an official vote. Referend-um is a simulated means for you to participate in Scotland’s upcoming 2014 referendum using your mobile phone by privately recording your vote, viewing and sharing results.

Will other people be able to see my vote?

Your vote is cast privately, however you can share results via Facebook and Twitter.

Do I have to submit my data?

Once you’ve cast your vote within the app, we’ll give you the option to answer a few simple questions to help us provide you with comprehensive, live, real-time data and analysis. We’ll ask your gender, age bracket, postcode and if you’re eligible to vote in the 2014 referendum in Scotland. You do not have to answer these questions and can simply register your vote without submitting any personal data. Answering the questions will help us to create a richer and more informative experience for app users.

What is the data used for?

The purpose of the app is to provide a live, real-time means of understanding current public opinion in the context of the 2014 Scottish referendum. If people choose to answer the optional questions, we can use this data to create a clearer picture of voting behaviour and provide better real-time results for users of the app.

Why is it only available for iPhone?

Building apps takes ages. Developing apps for iPhone is difficult. Developing apps for Google Android is even harder. We wanted to get something ready and into the marketplace as quickly as possible to give people an early opportunity to engage with the project. We’re launching the iPhone app first, rather than waiting to develop the Android version and release them all at the same time. As such you can expect to see the iPhone app being developed and launched first, closely followed by Google Android etc.

Can I use it more than once?

Yes. Your vote only counts once but you can change your vote whenever you like, no restrictions or constraints. If you decide you’ve changed your mind, you can open the app at any time and alter the ‘yes/no’ slider. If you want to see live, real-time data you can view and share this from within the app whenever you like and as often as you like. It’s totally free.

1Download The App

Download the app for FREE. Use the unique slider mechanism to discreetly and privately cast your vote between ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

2Privately Cast Your Vote

Vote with complete discretion, confidence and view live, real-time Scottish referendum data and analysis.

3Share With Friends

Share real-time, live data and results analysis with your friends via Facebook. Amend your vote and view results any time.

  • Nice and easy to use and a fun wee design...
    Sarah Speers, Edinburgh
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    Chris O'Rourke, Glasgow
  • Fab App!...
    David Thomson, Perth